The Heart of Our School

Your child’s education is a very important decision that has a profound impact on their future, their relationships and worldview.  They will be influenced by their teachers, administrators and fellow students.


We take this responsibility very seriously.  Because of this, we strongly believe that our role is to model Christ-likeness in our words, attitudes and actions on a daily basis.


Each member of our staff is committed to pursuing Christ and developing in their own personal relationships with Him.  Our desire is to share this passion with your child, so that they too can choose to follow Christ with their life.

About Our School

At Grace we believe that the inspired Word of God is the foundation for all learning. The Bible gives us the means to discover who God is and how we can best serve and glorify Him.

All of our students are encouraged to invest time in the study of the Bible through daily Bible classes and Scripture memory. Chapel is a special time we have once a week to hear challenges from special speakers and worship God in song.

In Proverbs 22:6 parents are told to “train up a child in the way he should go, and when his is old he will not depart from it.” We believe that God has given parents the responsibility and right to educate their own children.

At Grace we seek to come along side the parents and reinforce the godly teaching they are receiving at home. Our staff is committed to building relationships with their students and intentionally discipling them in their walk with Christ.

At Grace we strive to teach in a way that’s faithful and obedient to the truth of God as revealed in the Bible. We believe that academic excellence in the pursuit of truth is important.

We offer a strong academic base in the elementary and a challenging academic curriculum in the secondary. Students are given the tools for lifelong learning and are encouraged to fulfill their academic potential.

At Grace we believe that athletics help our students learn cooperation and teamwork, while working diligently to accomplish a common goal. Athletics provide a venue for competition and help teach the ability to win and lose with integrity.

In the fall we offer girls volleyball and boys soccer. In the spring we offer girls and boys basketball.

At Grace we believe in educating the total student and the fine arts play a large role in that education. Our vocal and instrumental instruction teach our students to appreciate discipline and beauty. Our drama productions help to teach public speaking and leadership.

We offer students the opportunity to participate in choir and smaller vocal ensembles. We offer orchestra lessons through a grant with the teachers from the Mankato Area Youth Symphonic Orchestra. Every year we have a spring drama production for our school families and the community.

As a smaller school, we have the ability to keep the teacher to student ratio pretty small. This allows our teachers to give their students more individualized attention. They can engage them more, try out different activities and lessons that might not be feasible in a larger class.

With fewer students to manage, our teachers are able to keep students accountable in classroom discussions and spend less time on classroom management issues such as discipline.